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Developer Workforce Initiative: Engaging, Educating, and Supporting Global Software Developers

Jake Ward, CEO & President of the Apps Alliance, announces the Alliance’s newest campaign, the Developer Workforce Initiative. "The Initiative is a global effort to increase the size, expertise, and understanding of this critical workforce," states Ward. Watch this brief presentation explaining how this campaign will engage, educate, and support the world’s software developers everywhere - across all platforms, technologies, and industries. Learn more.


Enterprise Market Insights (AMEX)

Tilak Joshi shares his 3 pillars of successful product development based on his experiences working at a startup, NASA, PayPal and now AMEX.


The Digital Single Market (MEP)

Member of the European Parliament, Vicky Ford, outlines the complicated nature of updating marketplace regulations to fit the new digital age.

Today's Developer: The Essential Workforce (Alliance & Ionic Security)

Jake Ward and Delyn Simmons have a candid discussion about emerging opportunities for developers.


Opportunities During the Digital Transformation (Expert Panel)

Industry-leaders discuss the future impact of digital transformation and what it means for software developers.

Technology for Good (Ericsson)

Geoff Hollingworth explores the potential for software to redefine every single human experience - and how it's already happening.


Speed, Security, Scale (Expert Panel)

Every company, regardless of focus or industry, is a technology company. Hear a candid discussion on requirements to stay competitive.

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Enterprise Developers Report: Investment in Enterprise Developers is the Best Risk Management System explores what developers that work within companies are doing and what they need to succeed. Developers are an essential workforce more deeply integrated into areas of business, operations, and product development than ever imagined. Learn more, download the report for free here.

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