San Francisco Workshop Videos

San Francisco Workshop | March 2016

San Francisco Workshop | March 2016

"Software developers are changing our world," states Jake Ward, President and CEO of the Apps Alliance. "They hold the key to building life altering products and unlocking innovation within every company."

The Apps Alliance - in partnership with IntelEricsson and BlackBerry - finished the third and final Enterprise Development Workshop in San Francisco on March 8, welcoming over 100 attendees. The workshop explored innovative enterprise technologies, and addressed the challenges and opportunities for developers as a critical workforce. Read the recap blog post here.

Watch the videos below capturing key insights from the workshop sessions, including:

Featured Videos

Developer Workforce Initiative

Jake Ward announces the Alliance’s newest campaign, the Developer Workforce Initiative, to engage, educate, and support software developers everywhere.

Opportunities During the Digital Transformation (Expert Panel)

Industry leaders discuss the future of the modern enterprise and share best practices for enterprise development. 

Today's Developer: The Essential Workforce (Alliance & Ionic Security)

Jake Ward and Delyn Simmons have a one-on-one conversation about emerging opportunities for developers.


How to Migrate to Cloud with Confidence and Trust

Moving beyond mobile, Henry Stapp, Director of Product Management at Apcera, explored the promises of the cloud and how new technologies (containers, micro-services, etc.) enable unparalleled speed and flexibility. Stapp shared with attendees how enterprises can securely migrate to modern IT with complete confidence and trust using the Apcera platform.

Building Secure Platforms to Address Multi-OS Challenge

Richard Schaefer, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager at BlackBerry, discussed how enterprise developers can build secure mobile apps across platforms with end-to-end security. He addressed APIs, security enhancements, and mobile and platform services that add value to apps and user-experience while maintaining security.

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Introduction to Software Defined Infrastructure

Chitti Nimmagadda, Senior Director of Network Virtualization at Ericsson, introduced Intel® Rack Scale Architecture and related management systems. He explored how using this technology enables accelerated service delivery through a composable software system delivering greater performance and increased utilization of computing, storage and network resources.

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Improving Performance for Enterprise Applications

David Stewart, Software Engineering Manager at Intel, reveals key considerations to ensure applications are harnessing the capabilities of modern parallel architectures. Stewart discusses tools, libraries, and techniques to optimize compiled applications and help developers to evaluate their own application performance.

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Speed Without Risk: Secure Deployement

Developers at our Enterprise Development Workshop had the opportunity for hands-on hacking with an industry veteran. Yoko Hyakuna, Curriculum Developer at Apcera, introduced the Apcera Platform and walked participants through setting-up and securely deploying applications in the cloud.

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What will differentiate good companies from great companies is agility. The companies that embrace the idea that technology is ever changing and leverage future-proof solutions will be the winners.
— Jake Ward, CEO & President, Apps Alliance

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