Building the Next Generation of the Digital Enterprise

In an increasingly connected world, many enterprise IT infrastructures are strained by the demand to support floods of data from applications and cloud technologies, and also challenged by the growing demands to be more agile and operationally efficient. The promise of Software-Defined Infrastructure is becoming real so how can an enterprise adapt quickly to this evolving digital environment?  

From designing, optimizing, and operating the next generation digital infrastructure to exploring market trends, solutions, and strategies to capitalize on the BYOD and Enterprise Mobility Market, the Enterprise Development Workshops offer attendees a competitive advantage by hearing from and engaging with industry experts on how to leverage innovative technologies and embrace the connected world.

The workshop convenes enterprise and industrial application developers, IT experts, system architects, and industry influencers for a day of interactive and innovative sessions. Breakfast and lunch will be served with coffee and refreshments provided throughout the day. A Networking Reception will conclude the evening, where attendees will have the opportunity to demo cutting-edge enterprise solutions and mingle with speakers and guests over a glass of beer or wine.


Key Takeaways


London Workshop Details

Date & Time: Thursday 12 November | 9:30AM - 5:30PM
Venue: Park Plaza Riverbank London | 18 Albert Embankment | London SE1 7TJ, United Kingdom (map)

All enterprises are becoming software companies and all are in the data business. In the future businesses will win due to best practice software product design, deployment and operation. These workshops focus on the latest technology and the best associated practice to make your business a winner

- Geoff Hollingworth, Head of Product Marketing Cloud Infrastructure, Ericsson

Coffee and breakfast served.


10:10AM-10:30AM [KEYNOTE] How to Survive in the Digital Age
Imagine a global industry where the product is a commodity, the margins are thin and the competitors truly dislike each other. Now imagine that this industry is slowly but surely disappearing. How do the competitors react? What can they do to stop what is seen as an inevitable extinction of their industry? Mark Boyt of Xerox will share the story of the printing industry and how mega competitive companies came together to collaborate and develop a solution for enterprise developers that makes printing easy and accessible within the mobile industry regardless of device or printer. Mark's story will highlight the challenges and benefits of global collaboration and present key learnings that enterprises from all industries can immediately use.

10:30AM-10:55AM Enterprise Impacts and Benefits with Mobile Innovation
During this presentation Lars-Olof Allerhed, CTO IBM MobileFirst Europe, will explore a series of solutions available for mobile developers to build apps that access enterprise data in a simple way. Take an in-depth look at how to take advantage of the capabilities and speed from the cloud, but still retain the enterprise grade security customers and businesses are asking for. Also take a look at the latest trends in mobile, and analyze how the network, the devices and the entire mobility ecosystem need to be leveraged in order to create innovative mobile applications.


11:10AM-11:40AM Building on a Secure Platform Opens New Opportunities to Address Multi-Platform Challenges
Join BlackBerry for an in depth look at how enterprise mobile management platforms address the challenges developers face in today’s corporate mobile climate. Learn how Enterprise developers can build mobile apps on a secure platform that supports many different devices from multiple OEMs with varying OSs.

Key Topics Include:

 Getting productivity apps in the hands of your business users for all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry;
 Supporting secure containerization that integrates well with popular security enhancements including newer choices like Samsung KNOX and
   Android for Work, creating true end-to-end security for mobile devices;

 Managing and deploying custom developed cross-platform Enterprise apps, and commercial Enterprise mobile apps;
 Using secure enterprise app development principals  to access mission critical information behind the firewall.

11:40AM-12:10AM Modern Code: Multi-Level Parallelism
In this session, Intel will introduce techniques for writing optimized code targeted to current and future generation multi and many core processors. Explore parallel programming models and optimization methods including:

 Expressing automatic vectorization and thread parallelism;
 Optimization of memory models;
 Programming approaches for portable, future-proof optimization.


12:45PM-1:00PM Today's Developer: Key Findings from Apps Alliance's Global Developer Survey
The Apps Alliance recently published the first annual Developer Insights Report: A Global Survey of Today's Developer to uncover a valuable analysis of the changing nature of the software development industry, what developers are working on, working with, and what they need to succeed. This session will reveal key insights into the current development ecosystem and more specifically, the enterprise landscape.

1:00PM-1:10PM Digital Single Market - Latest State of Play
Vicky Ford is a Conservative Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. Mrs. Ford supports the creation of a Digital Single Market in the EU to foster innovation and growth, allowing businesses to scale and continue to boost the economy whilst empowering consumers. Hear Mrs. Ford speak about the latest state of play of the Digital Single Market from her esteemed vantage point in Brussels.

1:10PM-2:10PM Introducing Software-Defined Infrastructure
With the introduction of Intel® Rack Scale Architecture and related management systems, Software-Defined Infrastructure is about to be realized. Using this technology enables accelerated service delivery through a software-composable system delivering greater performance and increased utilization of compute, storage and network resources. What does it mean when hardware is software defined and what does it change for service providers and enterprise developers?

Key Topics Include:

 Why Software-Defined Infrastructure?
 What can enterprise developers start doing differently and immediately?
 Introduction to cutting-edge developer tools.

2:10PM-3:25PM [OPTION 1] Exclusive Hands-on Workshop with Intel® Rack Scale Architecture APIs
This is a hands-on workshop where participants will have a chance to get early experience with what it will mean to work in a software-defined infrastructure (SDI) environment.  Today, we work with management and control of data center infrastructure like servers and switches, but we are moving toward pooled resource management instead. During this session, we will look at and use new REST APIs to work with examples that provide a glimpse of this future and what SDI will mean for data center management. We will work with examples as well as provide time for questions and feedback from the workshop participants. 

NOTE: Attendees are required to bring a laptop and power cord to participate in the workshop. It is also necessary to prepare for the session, please download this guide for instructions. Please email if you have questions related to the workshop.

2:10PM-3:25PM [OPTION 2] In-Depth Discussion Session Exploring the Potential of Software-Defined Infrastructure
This is a lightly facilitated breakout discussion for attendees less interested in hands-on hacking, and more interested in exploring the potential of Software-Defined Infrastructure at a higher level. It is an interactive, exercise based session where participants will use open questions like "What might Software-Defined Infrastructure help us do that we cannot already do some other way?" to stimulate discussion in small groups, which will be shared and discussed with the larger group.


3:40PM-4:25PM Product Software vs. IT Software: Differences, Challenges, & Opportunities
Software is the foundation of the digital age. Enterprises that want to survive let alone thrive must become competent with software. However, not all software is equal. Further complicating the situation is that many enterprises pre-date this digital age and view software as an IT function that helps to manage the business. Our panel will discuss the challenges enterprises face in building and delivering software products that delight customers and will directly address the issue of developing and delivering Product software versus IT software. 

Demo cutting-edge enterprise solutions and mingle with speakers and guests over a glass of beer or wine. 

Park Plaza Riverbank London | 18 Albert Embankment | London SE1 7TJ, United Kingdom (map)


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