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Technology for Good: 
Improving the World Through Software 

“The speed of change is accelerating, and the need to deliver exceptional experiences to customers through software is increasing everyday” states Geoff Hollingworth of Ericsson. He continues to explain that the potential for software to redefine every single human experience is real - and is already happening. Watch this interview to understand how "infrastructure on demand" is revolutionizing the world and how Ericsson - a company that believes in technology for good - is facilitating the opportunities of tomorrow.

Digital Single Market:
Promoting Innovation and Growth Across Europe

“There are 1.3 million people in the UK who are working at digital companies,” states Vicky Ford, Conservative Member of the European Parliament. “We’re making sure they can sell across EU on a simple set of rules without undermining the digital future.” In this interview Ford Vicky outlines the complicated nature of updating marketplace regulations to fit the freshly formed digital world, and what her camp is working on to support digital innovation.

Revolutionary Dev Solutions: Mobile Printing Made Easy

“The world is changing.” states Mark Boyt of Xerox. “One thing that is apparent is the speed of change in technology, and the value of software engineers in every business going forward.”
Hear Boyt share his thoughts on the power of mobile printing and the solutions available, and more broadly the boundless potential for development in the enterprise space.

Driving Productivity Through Mobility

“All developers need to clearly understand where the industry is going and what the trends are” explains Brent Richtsmeier of Samsung. Hear Richtsmeier discuss the importance of driving productivity through mobility, and the key things enterprises and software developers need to be considering to maximize operational efficiency.

End-To-End Security in Multi-Platform
Enterprise Development

We caught-up with Stephen Leonard from BlackBerry to discuss the challenges and opportunities in building secure multi-platform enterprise applications. Watch this video to hear strategies for development in BYOD, and the future for BlackBerry in the enterprise space. 

Enterprise Solutions:
Data Security & Multi-Platform Deployment

Protecting data is an integral part of the tech ecosystem. We spoke with Ed Bourne of BlackBerry about how a company based on mobile security evolves in 2015 and beyond. Listen as Bourne explains what this looks like in real world scenarios all over the world every day, and the solutions that BlackBerry provides for multi-platform development.

The Cutting Edge of Enterprise Development:
What Intel is Doing to Ensure Future-Proof Development

Enterprise developers need to be certain their software is optimized on a variety of environments, is future-proof and agile, and is ahead of the competition. Watch this interview to hear Rea’s insights into the future of Software-Defined Infrastructure and the enterprise ecosystem at large.